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Communication in the process of nurses recruitment
Иванка Стамболова, Мария Спасова

Last modified: 2016-11-08


Key words: communication, selection and recruitment, nurses

Introduction: The selection and recruitment of nurses in the health care organization is a key element in the management of health care. The effective selection is necessarily associated with effective communication between job applicants -nurses and their future managers –senior nurses and head nurses. The selection of nurses comprises the steps of attraction, selection and recruitment, each of which uses specific verbal and nonverbal communication techniques.

 Objective: To study the effectiveness and quality of communications among the nurses applying for work and health management cadres in the process of selection and recruitment.

Material and methods: The survey was conducted during September-October 2015 with 68 successful graduates of the specialty "Nurse" from MU Sofia, FPH. The study was conducted by sociological and statistical methods.

Results: All respondents have studied their future workplace during work there in the period of their internship. They were able to talk about the work there with colleagues and senior nurse at the health unit. Kind and sincere attitude manifested to the trainee nurses from the personnel was a major reason for applying for a job there. On recruitment 2/3 of respondents are recruited only on paper and the rest are involved in a job interview.


  1. Recruited nurses from the Class of 2015 of FPH - Sofia were selected and recruited by documents - qualifications, CV and application to the employer in 2/3 of the cases.

  2. Only 25% of nurses have participated in the interview, in which there was an effective communication between them and their supervisors.

  3. Over 90% of nurses who participated in an interview are nurses, who applying for a job in private hospital.