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Patients about the role of contemporary midwives in conducting normal birth
Zdravka Atanasova, Kremena Miteva

Last modified: 2016-11-09


INTRODUCTION: Midwifery care is an essential factor on which depends the optimum completion of labor.  For this increasingly relevant issue is the correlation between the quality of the professional activities of midwives in the delivery room and the level of satisfaction of patients.

PURPOSE: This scientific communication is intended to explore and analyze the opinion of patients on the role of the modern midwife during normal birth.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study includes 76 patients /gave birth women/ to University Hospital for active treatment "Stoyan Kirkovich" - Stara Zagora in January-June 2016. Criterion for inclusion in the study is definitive diagnosis - vaginal delivery. Sociological method is used - anonymous questionnaire. The data were processed with statistical package SPSS.

RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: The results allowed to formulate conclusion that there is a tendency to neglect the integrated approach in the implementation of obstetric care at the expense of ,,instrumental care”. Also patients define the work of the midwife as a significant factor for optimal flow of the process of birth.