Registration Information

The registration fee includes:

  • conference materials;

  • book of abstracts;

  • access to all conference sessions

  • coffee breaks;

  • welcome cocktail;

  • conference Gala dinner;

  • buffet lunches on 29, 30, 31 August.

At the Special Requests section you can inform us about:

Your attendance and special dietary needs for:

  • Welcome reception on August 28;

  • Gala dinner on August 30

Payment details

Please inform us as well if you would like:

  • to receive an invoice

  • to receive a receipt during registration

  • no invoice/receipt needed

For payment options please check our website

Registration Type

Registration Type Cost
Invited speaker/participant General Members Meeting 0.00 EUR (Registration Closed 2017-08-01)

PhD students of NuGO member organisations 150.00 EUR (Registration Closed 2017-08-01)

PostDocs of NuGO member organisations 250.00 EUR (Registration Closed 2017-08-01)

NuGO member organisations staff 300.00 EUR (Registration Closed 2017-08-01)

PhD students not affiliated with a NuGO member organization 250.00 EUR (Registration Closed 2017-08-01)

FOODBALL staff not affiliated with a NuGO member 350.00 EUR (Registration Closed 2017-08-01)

Others/Industry 500.00 EUR (Registration Closed 2017-08-01)


Registration Manager

Name Assoc. Prof. Milka Nashar