Third Pharmaceutical Business Forum and Scientific and Practical Conference

October 7, 2016 – October 9, 2016

The Faculties of Pharmacy, Dental Medicine, Medicine, Public Health, and the Medical College at the Medical University of Varna, together with the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, have the pleasure of inviting representatives from the spheres of pharmacy and medicine, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, companies for medical supplies,  dental health, leading experts in pharmaceutical practice, as well as lecturers, graduates, PhD candidates, and students from the faculties of pharmacy, medicine, dental medicine, public health, and the medical colleges in Bulgaria, to participate in the Third Pharmaceutical Business Forum and Scientific and Practical Conference which will take place on October 7-9, 2016 in Varna. 

The Forum will provide exhibitions of pharmaceutical and dental companies as well as medical cosmetics companies. They will be situated at the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Dental Medicine, and the Medical College.

The education module is part of the program for continuing education of the Masters of Pharmacy in accordance with the Law of Health and the Law of the Professional Association of Masters of Pharmacy. The module received accreditation from the Quality Commission of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union. The Master of Pharmacy receives a standard certificate for the educational course after paying a fee.


Faculty of Pharmacy

Varna, 84 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd



The aim of the Forum is to present innovative products and services, modern scientific and practical research of the pharmaceutical, medical and dental faculties in Bulgaria, the faculties of public health, medical colleges, a round table for contact exchange between pharmacy students and their future employers, as well as providing modules from the program for continuing education for Masters of Pharmacy for 2016.


  • Pharmacy

  • Dental Medicine

  • Medicine

  • Cosmetics

  • Public Healthcare




  • Proceedings and/or posters and abstracts of scientific and practical messages in the field of pharmacy, dental medicine, medicine, public health, and health care from students and PhD candidates are accepted only in electronic format by September 7, 2016.

  • The deadline for pharmaceutical companies participating in the exhibition is September 9, 2016.

  • The deadline for enrolling in the module from the program for continuing education for Masters of Pharmacy, members of the BPU is October 6, 2016.

Requirements for participation:

  • The abstracts should not exceed 250 words. For more information about the formatting of the abstracts, visit the Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica website

  • The oral presentations should not be longer than 10 minutes (regardless of the number of authors, only one author will be presenting )

  • The required poster size is  100/70 cm (portrait-oriented).


  • Students and PhD candidates:  Assoc. prof. Milka Nashar, PhD, e-mail:, phone: 0888 443 544;

  • Pharmaceutical companies participating in the exhibition: Assist. Prof. Ivo Kumanov, e-mail:, phone : 0887840652;

  • Continuing education for Masters of Pharmacy: Rada Pehlivanova – Master of Pharmacy, Head of the Regional Pharmaceutical Association-Varna


Students, PhD candidates and participants in the continuing education for Masters of Pharmacy – no fee;

Fee for participation with a company stand – 600 lv

  • The fee consist of a two-day rent for an information stand with the size of 6 sq.m. or the company’s own stand of a similar size, including an invitation for two for the official dinner on October 8, 2016.

Registration fee with a company presentation - 300 lv

  • Duration – 15 min. When providing sponsorship, the participants are eligible for a discount applied to the participation fees.

The registration fee is payable only via a bank wire.

Bank Details:

Medical University of Varna

Bank: DSK


IBAN: BG24 STSA 9300 3100 0407 00




Cherno More Hotel 55 lv.
Panorama Hotel 80 lv.




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